Zero RB or RB-Heavy in BestBall10s? The Roster Construction Explorer Gives Us the Shocking Results


Over the last four years in the MFL10 of Death, Shawn Siegele has finished 1st, 2nd, 1st, and 1st, using his signature Zero RB approach to bring home three titles. But were these wins the result of avoiding RBs early? Or did he win because of player selection and in spite of a structural approach that might be doing more harm than good? The Fanball Roster Construction Explorer has the answers.

We’ve been using Mike Beers’ suite of advanced best ball tools to put together a plan for turning your best ball drafts into a money machine. We began the Best Ball Workshop series by looking at the onesie positions and found exploitable edges at Quarterback, Tight End, and Defense. We also discovered that if you follow the insights from the Roster Construction…