Daily Fantasy Baseball Picks: Friday May 17, 2019


Daily Fantasy Baseball Picks: May 17th

Tonight’s Daily Fantasy Baseball Picks slate features 15 games with, St. Louis (6.3), Los Angeles Dodgers (5.4), Texas (5.3), and Los Angeles Angels (5.3) , holding the best projected team totals. With a handful of high-priced pitchers available, finding value will be imperative for success. We’ll be aiming to highlight MLB DFS picks from the perspective of batted ball data, batter splits, and line movement.

MLB DFS Standout Picks: Batted Ball Stats

Anthony Rendon has been hitting the ball extremely well of late, and has actually seen a price decrease, from where he was earlier in the month. In the last 15 days, his batted ball distance is up 43 feet, his exit velocity is up 4 MPH, and his hard hit percentage is up 22%, over…

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