3 Cheap IDP Sleepers I’m Targeting: Defensive Back

Unless it’s elite talent paired with elite usage, I don’t like to pay up for defensive players in IDP leagues. Fantasy IDPs are a lot like real-life RBs in that they’re cheap, replaceable, and don’t really matter. Generally speaking, we want to be buying cheap snaps and waiting for that sweet variance to kick in. In this series, we’ll look at some cheap/free dynasty IDP targets who could pay off in 2019.

This cheapskate strategy that would’ve helped you land Corey Littleton (top-three LB) last year off of the free agent heap, and Demarcus Lawrence (top-three LB in 2017) as a cheap post-hype sleeper the year before that.

I’m not promising that we’ll uncover more such gems that in this IDP series, but in the leagues I play in, depth is critical,…

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