2019 UEFA Nations League Semifinal Preview and England-Netherland Odds

I find that I learn a lot about the Beautiful Game just riding around California listening to Lyft drivers.

For instance, I didn’t know what a big deal Mohamed Salah had become – not just in soccer but culturally-speaking – until I heard so many service workers in San Diego speak excitedly about his chances in the 2018 World Cup.

“I think Mexico could surprise people against Ger…” I would begin.

“Salah. What do you think of Salah,” they would reply.

Not that the Mexico National Team isn’t popular here. I’m pretty sure my neighbors named their son “Chucky” after Chucky Lozano.

Another driver recently schooled me on Netherlands football. Quite frankly, under normal circumstances I would have begun any preview of the fast-upcoming UEFA Nations League…

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