16 Team Preview and Futures Odds to Win

I’ll admit that I can be a bit of a nag about the Ice Hockey World Championships, especially to my friends who prefer club hockey. I can’t help but think of little excuses to bring up the international game. “Well, a silver lining of that team’s playoff loss is that so-and-so can play for Sweden now,” I’ll say. My pal simply nods “cool” or “mmm-hmm” before changing the subject.

Some people will never, ever like the World Championship. It’s no use trying to talk them out of it. My only frustration is that WC-haters often repeat things that are flatly untrue, like “none of the best NHL players go” or “the North American skaters just phone it in.”

Sweden’s squad that won the 2018 Worlds would be a load for any NHL team to handle, though…

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